Member Publication News (January 2021)

Welcome to the HWA COS chapter’s monthly round-up of member news. We invite you to scroll through our publication announcements and see what our members are up to this month: new releases, book signings, readings, conventions, and more!

Carina Bissett is pleased to announce the appearance of two new poems: “Bright Tapestry” was included in the HWA Poetry Showcase Vol. VIII, and “Ars Poisana,” a collaboration with Andrea Blythe, which closed out 2021’s offerings at Enchanted Conversation. Her story “When the Darkness Calls” was also released in December 2021 in An Exquisite Corpse: A Dystopia Rising: Evolution Anthology by Onyx Path Publishing.

In other news, Carina Bissett and Shannon Lawrence will be appearing online in A Horror Panel to Die For, along with Sumiko Saulson and Clay McLeod Chapman on Tuesday, January 18, from 6:15 PM MT to 8:15 PM MT.

Dakota Brown released Book 4 in the Pizza Shop Exorcist series in December—The Price of Souls: A Reverse Harem Tale. The Audible audiobook at The Price of Possession: Pizza Shop Exorcist, Book 1 became available in January.

*This book is intended for mature audiences. 18+ readers only! It contains language and sexual situations.

The angels want an apocalypse, and the demons want an upheaval in Hell. I want my prince back and a quiet moment with my men. Only one of us can have what we desire, and I’m going to do everything in my power to make sure it’s me.

Travis Heermann started out 2022 with the released of the boxed set of the Ronin trilogy. “A fusion of historical fiction and adventure fantasy, the first volume of Heermann’s Ronin Trilogy is a page-turning folkloric narrative of epic proportions.” —Publishers Weekly 

Ken’ishi is a young ronin, a samurai without a master, tossed on the waves of fate and fortune, orphaned as a baby when his parents were murdered. Amid ruthless crime lords, bloodthirsty demons, and Mongol spies, his only link to his past is Silver Crane, his father’s sword, a blade that holds its secrets close… Such as the secret of the family bloodline. But some secrets best remain kept.

Sam Knight co-authored a recent story with Kevin J. Anderson; the story “Following Icarus Down” is featured in the anthology Jeff Sturgeon’s Last Cities of Earth. Knight has also opened up the publishing company, Knight Writing Press. Forthcoming themed anthologies include Magic Portals, Wishing Well, Mermaidens, and Modern Magic. See open calls on the submission page.

Do you like a good story? So do we! That’s why we like to collect them all together in one place and horde them like the treasures they are! Enrapturing Tales is an anthology imprint of Knight Writing Press. We are not confined to genres or constrained by expectations. Except for the expectation that it will be a good story! From eclectic collections of stories that needed to find a home, to stories only about mermaids, you never know what we will be up to next!

Shannon Lawrence‘s cannibalistic response to the pandemic, “Psychosis,” was included in Madame Gray’s Vault of Gore.

An absolute must-read for all who enjoy their horror with gallons of blood, lashings of guts, and dollops of severed body parts!

Madame Gray has personally selected a plethora of blood-soaked tales of terror and gruesome demise, each one brutally crafted to chill the soul and turn the stomach of even the most hardened fans of the macabre.

In other news, Shannon Lawrence and Sam Knight are featured guests at this year’s COSine event (January 14-16), presenting on a variety of panels.

Over at the podcast Mysteries, Monsters, & Mayhem, Shannon Lawrence and her co-host M.B. Partlow added new episodes to the series: Sinners or Saints? (October 13 ); Sex, Drugs, & Bullseyes (October 20); Solved, but Not Forgotten (October 27), and Family Matters (November 3).

  • Werewolves & Annihilators (November 10); Barb & Bell’s Personal Hells (November 17); Indigenous in Peril (November 24); Slay-Bells & Stockholm Syndrome (December 1); Rick & At Risk (December 8); Femicide & Santa Crimes (December 15); Shots Fired & Secret Sins (December 22); Favorites (December 29); Guest Composite (January 5).

Special Event

Join Carina Bissett and Shannon Lawrence (along with Clay McLeod Chapman and Sumiko Saulson) in a discussion about horror and all things spooky at the Pikes Peak Writers (PPW) October event Horror Authors Panel to DIE For.

Special October Event: Horror Authors Panel to DIE For

Saturday (Oct. 16, 2021 — 12:30 to 3:30 pm) Via Zoom

A horror panel to die for! Join PPW in a conversation with Carina Bissett, Clay McLeod Chapman, Sumiko Saulson, and Shannon Lawrence. Topics include insight on the impact of the pandemic on the horror genre, the ways writers can balance suspense and plot; horror archetypes and tropes (for better or worse). Bring your questions and a notebook. This panel will be offered online via Zoom. The meeting window opens at 12:30 pm and the panel begins at 1 pm. There will be a Q&A session at the end. Tickets are $20.

In other news, Shannon Lawrence was awarded the 2021 Horror Writers Association Scholarship. A fan of all things fantastical and frightening, Shannon Lawrence writes primarily horror and fantasy. Her stories can be found in over forty anthologies and magazines, and her three solo horror short story collections, Blue Sludge Blues & Other AbominationsBruised Souls & Other Torments, and Happy Ghoulidays are available now. You can also find her as a co-host of the podcast “Mysteries, Monsters, & Mayhem.” When she’s not writing, she’s hiking through the wilds of Colorado and photographing her magnificent surroundings, where, coincidentally, there’s always a place to hide a body or birth a monster. Find her at

Consumed: Tales Inspired by the Wendigo

COS HWA Active member Angela Sylvaine is honored to have her story “Starved” included in CONSUMED: TALES INSPIRED BY THE WENDIGO. Angela has been fascinated with the folklore of the Wendigo since first reading Pet Sematary and learning of the creature that inspired Stephen King. Conceptually, the Wendigo represents an infectious and corrosive drive toward what one desires. Angela explores this concept in ”Starved,” which follows the lonely Tessa as she hungers for both food and love. 

The Denver Horror Collective summarizes the collection as follows: Hunger that changes you…consumes you…turning you into a nightmare version of what you once were. From desolate snowy mountains and apocalyptic wastelands to New York’s sex clubs and virtual encounters, Denver Horror Collective brings you, dear reader, visions of horror inspired by the Wendigo.

Join Headliners Steve Rasnic Tem (winner of the Bram Stoker, International Horror Guild, and British Fantasy Awards) and Dana Fredsti (author of the Plague Town trilogy), along with Colorado dark scribes P.L. McMillan and Christophe Maso, will read excerpts from their CONSUMED stories set to chilling video and unnerving musical backgrounds on Sunday, January 17 at 6 p.m. (MT). Free tickets are available through EVENTBRITE.

Colorado-based CONSUMED contributors J.T. Evans, Ian Neligh, Angela Sylvaine, K.D. Webster and Joy Yehle, as well as Ross Baxter, R. Michael Burns, Elana Gomel, Michael Gore, and Amanda Headlee, will reveal what inspired them to write their stories and answer some fun—and disturbing—questions about consumption…and being consumed.

HWA COS Members at MileHiCon 52

Several founding members were on panels and offered readings at MileHiCon 52 (October 23-25). We’ve gathered them here for your enjoyment.

Carina Bissett

Panel: (Moderator: Stant Litore/ Panelists: Carol Berg/Cate Glass, Carina Bissett, Ian Brazee-Cannon, Jane Lindskold) How does one build a believable mythology? Panelists offer tricks and tips for building your own SF&F mythology. Watch the panel Building SF&F Mythologies HERE.

Panel: The Modern Age of Poetry (Moderator: Robert S. Rice/ Panelists: Dana Bell, Carina Bissett, Steve Wahl, Wendy Van Camp) Poetry Seems to be undergoing a resurgence or a renaissance, including in SF/Horror. Panelists discussed what and who is up and coming and their thoughts on the resurgence.

Travis Heermann

Travis Heermann reads the intro from his upcoming urban fantasy novel, Tokyo Blood Magic. When a ninja sorcerer takes a job to track down a newly Awakened witch, he discovers that his target is not only his lost love, but now she’s an enforcer for the Black Lotus Clan, a ruthless yakuza syndicate. But who is she now? The girl who used to love him, a yakuza slave, or a deadly black witch? You can watch the reading HERE.

Panel: (Moderator: Daniel Dvorkin/ Panelists: Jonathan Brazee, Travis Heermann, Mur Lafferty, Vennessa Robertson) A panel of authors who are also martial artists and military combat veterans discuss writing fight scenes and battles that sparkle with verisimilitude, including Do’s and Don’t’s. Watch the panel Real Combat: Fantasy vs. Fighting HERE.

Shannon Lawrence

Shannon Lawrence reads a section of her YA story “Awakening” from the music-based anthology Of Mist and Magic. The story was inspired by the orchestration of “Life After Life” by Phillip Lober.

Panel: (Moderator: Shannon Lawrence/ Panelists: Rebecca Lee, Fred Poutre, Vennessa Robertson, Lauren Teffeau) Crickets? Lab grown meat? What will the food sources of the future look like, and what are the alternatives to the traditional meat and potatoes now? Watch the panel Alternate Food Sources HERE.

Panel: (Moderator: Shannon Lawrence/ Panelists: Cory Doctorow, Daniel Willis, Brenda Hardwick, Jim Henderson) There are a million ways to self-publish these days. From giants like Amazon to going it on your own, what makes the most sense and what are the downsides to each? Watch the panel Amazon KDP & Other Publishing Platforms HERE.