Consumed: Tales Inspired by the Wendigo

COS HWA Active member Angela Sylvaine is honored to have her story “Starved" included in CONSUMED: TALES INSPIRED BY THE WENDIGO. Angela has been fascinated with the folklore of the Wendigo since first reading Pet Sematary and learning of the creature that inspired Stephen King. Conceptually, the Wendigo represents an infectious and corrosive drive toward what one … Continue reading Consumed: Tales Inspired by the Wendigo

Member Publication News (Jan. 2021)

Welcome to the HWA COS chapter’s monthly round-up of member news. We invite you to scroll through our publication announcements and see what our members are up to this month: new releases, book signings, readings, conventions, and more! Carina Bissett is thrilled to announce the appearance of her story “An Embrace of Poisonous Intent” in … Continue reading Member Publication News (Jan. 2021)

Travis Heermann to Release New Urban Fantasy Series

COS HWA Active member Travis Heermann is all set to release the first of a new urban fantasy/cultivation series called Shinjuku Shadows. Tokyo Blood Magic - Book 1 of the Shinjuku Shadows Trilogy He’s never failed a witch hunt before. Until he must hunt the only woman he’s ever loved... When Django Wong, a modern-day ninja … Continue reading Travis Heermann to Release New Urban Fantasy Series