HWA COS Logo + News on the StokerCon™ Denver Souvenir Anthology

The Colorado Springs Chapter of HWA is lucky to have Josh Viola as a founding member. In addition to being an award-winning writer AND the editor at Hex Publishers, Josh is also a fine artist. As a new chapter of HWA, we were in need of a logo, and Josh delivered a series of sketches to choose from. Once the other founding members’ votes rolled in, we had a winner! Colton Hoerner took that sketch and turned it into what you see today, and we couldn’t be happier!

It just so happens that Hex Publishers will also be compiling the 2021 souvenir anthology for StokerCon™ Denver. The anthology will include exclusive new fiction from some of the area’s most notable authors in addition to a unique table of contents overflowing with new non-fiction exploring the history of Denver’s robust literary scene. Of course, there will also be summaries of the HWA’s year and many programs. This anthology souvenir book will only be available for registered attendees of StokerCon™ Denver.

Hex Publishers is offering ONE premium full-page ad to be designed by Hex Publishers near the front of the book. Other than the premium full-page ad, all other advertisements will be placed together at the end of the book in a sponsored section. (Ads will be in black and white.)

Ad rates are as follows:

  • Premium full-page (to be designed by HEX): $500
  • Full-page: $350
  • Half-page: $150
  • Quarter-page: $100

Click here to book your ad: https://hwa46.wildapricot.org/event-3992277.
After purchasing, please send all artwork and any other info to: admin@horror.org.

Important note: Companies do NOT need to be HWA members or attend StokerCon™ to purchase an ad. The StokerCon™ committee has the right to decline any ad deemed inappropriate at their sole discretion.

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