Member Publication News (June 2021)

Welcome to the HWA COS chapter’s monthly round-up of member news. We invite you to scroll through our publication announcements and see what our members are up to this month: new releases, book signings, readings, conventions, and more!

Carina Bissett is pleased to announce that her story “Twice in the Telling” is included in the fairy tale mash-up anthology Upon a Twice Time, published by Air and Nothingness Press.

They say I killed my sister, that I pulled her over the railing into the swollen river. They say my sister struggled up until the very end. They say I crushed her bones with my strong brown arms, scalped the shining hair from her skull. Some claim I’m an ogress, a kelpie, a nokken, that I’m no sister at all.

Dakota Brown released The Price of Exorcism: A Reverse Harem Tale (Pizza Shop Exorcist Book 2). This book is intended for mature audiences.

I was an exorcist, one of the best. I thought I’d accidentally banished Sabian back to Hell, along with the demonic prince, Ezra, who’d been possessing me at the time. Turns out, the enemy snatched my incubus away from me as leverage in the upcoming war. Mal, my vampire boyfriend, and I try to summon both Sabian and the demon prince, failing at every turn. When we’re at our wits’ end, Prince Ezra shows up in person with an offer I can’t refuse: help him with a small task and he’ll take me to Hell to rescue my incubus. Terrifying? Sure, but what isn’t these days? *This book is intended for mature audiences.

Hillary Dodge takes on the alphabet with her story “N Is for Needlepoint,” which was published in ABC’s of Terror, Volume 3 by D&T Publishing.

A painting that watches you as you walk by. A doll that isn’t quite the way you left it. A music box that continues to play a haunting tune. Inside these pages are 26 stories, from A-Z, about the things that people left behind. Or maybe they left a little piece of themselves behind, as well.

She also contributed writing advice in Mark My Words: Read the Submission Guidelines and other Self-editing Tips by Angela Yuriko Smith  and Lee Murray.

Travis Heermann continues his work in the Shinjuku Shadows universe with the publication of his novelette “Heart Magic and Cardboard People,” which was included in the anthology Street Magic, edited by Lyn Worthen.

Heermann is also currently running a fundraiser for his debut film Demon for Hire. For more details, check out the blog post From Author to Screenwriter to Filmmaker.

Over at the podcast Mysteries, Monsters, & Mayhem, Shannon Lawrence and her co-host M.B. Partlow added new episodes to the series: D is for Dangerous  (May 19) and Mommy Issues & Monsters (May 26).

Joshua Viola and co-writer Keith Ferrell are pleased to announce the publication of “Flashpoints” in Birdy, Colorado’s premiere arts, comedy, and culture magazine.

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