HWA COS Members at MileHiCon 52

Several founding members were on panels and offered readings at MileHiCon 52 (October 23-25). We’ve gathered them here for your enjoyment.

Carina Bissett

Panel: (Moderator: Stant Litore/ Panelists: Carol Berg/Cate Glass, Carina Bissett, Ian Brazee-Cannon, Jane Lindskold) How does one build a believable mythology? Panelists offer tricks and tips for building your own SF&F mythology. Watch the panel Building SF&F Mythologies HERE.

Panel: The Modern Age of Poetry (Moderator: Robert S. Rice/ Panelists: Dana Bell, Carina Bissett, Steve Wahl, Wendy Van Camp) Poetry Seems to be undergoing a resurgence or a renaissance, including in SF/Horror. Panelists discussed what and who is up and coming and their thoughts on the resurgence.

Travis Heermann

Travis Heermann reads the intro from his upcoming urban fantasy novel, Tokyo Blood Magic. When a ninja sorcerer takes a job to track down a newly Awakened witch, he discovers that his target is not only his lost love, but now she’s an enforcer for the Black Lotus Clan, a ruthless yakuza syndicate. But who is she now? The girl who used to love him, a yakuza slave, or a deadly black witch? You can watch the reading HERE.

Panel: (Moderator: Daniel Dvorkin/ Panelists: Jonathan Brazee, Travis Heermann, Mur Lafferty, Vennessa Robertson) A panel of authors who are also martial artists and military combat veterans discuss writing fight scenes and battles that sparkle with verisimilitude, including Do’s and Don’t’s. Watch the panel Real Combat: Fantasy vs. Fighting HERE.

Shannon Lawrence

Shannon Lawrence reads a section of her YA story “Awakening” from the music-based anthology Of Mist and Magic. The story was inspired by the orchestration of “Life After Life” by Phillip Lober.

Panel: (Moderator: Shannon Lawrence/ Panelists: Rebecca Lee, Fred Poutre, Vennessa Robertson, Lauren Teffeau) Crickets? Lab grown meat? What will the food sources of the future look like, and what are the alternatives to the traditional meat and potatoes now? Watch the panel Alternate Food Sources HERE.

Panel: (Moderator: Shannon Lawrence/ Panelists: Cory Doctorow, Daniel Willis, Brenda Hardwick, Jim Henderson) There are a million ways to self-publish these days. From giants like Amazon to going it on your own, what makes the most sense and what are the downsides to each? Watch the panel Amazon KDP & Other Publishing Platforms HERE.

Welcome to the Colorado Springs Chapter of the HWA!

A brand-new chapter in the book of Colorado Horror was approved at the beginning of October with the formation and approval of the HWA Colorado Springs Chapter. This newest Colorado Chapter of the Horror Writers Association (HWA) seeks to embed the professional values of our intergalactic parent organization into the very foundation of our new chapter. HWA Colorado Springs will be open to all members of every level throughout the region with an aim to create a welcoming, inclusive, and accessible professional community.

The founding team includes: Carina Bissett, M.H. Boroson, Hillary Dodge, Travis Heermann, Angie Hodapp, Shannon Lawrence, and Josh Viola, many of whom came together to support our nascent chapter event, Bloody Valentine: A Celebration of Women in Horror, held this past February. Bloody Valentine was a HUGE success with an all-star line-up of female-identifying authors from across the nation, over 100 generously donated giveaway books and goodies, and a fantastic turn-out of attendees. This will continue to be one of our annual offerings, serving to promote dark fiction, poetry, nonfiction, and the terrifically talented folk behind such works – authors, poets, editors, publishers, filmmakers, and other creatives.

HWA Colorado Springs will be hosting monthly Zoom meetings, days and time to be determined. For November, we are planning to host weekly NaNaWriMo Write-ins via Zoom. To learn more about our exciting new chapter, follow us on Facebook at “Horror Writers Association COS,” or on twitter @coshorror.