HWA Chapter Elections

Elections for HWA Colorado Chapter Chairs will take place in April, and we strongly encourage any interested parties to consider running for Chair. The success of our local chapter depends on member involvement. Two Co-Chairs will be elected for a two year term and will share duties. Chair duties include:

  • Organize a monthly meeting and set the agenda for discussion topics, including soliciting those topics from the committee
  • Ensure the chapter has events, meetings, and meetups that meet the needs of the chapter members; this may involve polling the membership
  • Ensure positions are filled and support the volunteers
  • Touch base with National to keep an updated member database
  • Ensure current members are represented on the website
  • Admin the Facebook pages
  • Monitor email address and respond to questions
  • Support the chapter by attending events when able
  • Communicate with each other to determine any concerns or needs of the chapter and address as needed (consider a quarterly co-chair meeting)
  • Outreach to attract new members
  • Send monthly newsletter information to Kathryn Ptacek for national newsletter; send member news to Quick Bites
  • Other duties as needed

Specifically for Colorado, past Chairs have realized that to better represent the whole of our community, we hope to have Chairs that come from different areas. We also encourage a diverse and inclusive representation.

If you are interested in running for Chair, please send a brief candidate statement/your goals as Chair to the Chapter Secretary, Angela Sylvaine, at angelasylvaine@gmail.com by March 31st. 

To vote in the election for Chair, you must show as affiliated with HWA Colorado. Only those affiliated will receive the ballot. For instructions on updating your affiliation, please see below instructions copied from the recent HWA Special Election mailer. Please update your affiliation by March 31st. 

Voting members can expect to receive candidate information and a ballot via Google forms in early April. 

How to Update Your Chapter Affiliation:

  1. Review the standard HWA document about updating your profile at Horror Writers Association – How To Use This Site (wildapricot.org)
  2. Log in to Wild Apricot (following the above directions) and locate your profile
  3. Your information will be displayed; Click on “Edit Profile” on top, under the words “My profile”
  4. Scroll down to the section titled “PUBLIC INFORMATION” and click on the box next to “Are you a member of an HWA chapter?”
  5. A drop-down menu will appear; select the name of your primary chapter or NONE if you are not affiliated with a chapter.
  6. IMPORTANT! Be sure to scroll down to the bottom and click “Save”!

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